EDN Online Documentary Series Workshop 2017

May 9 – 10, 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark
The EDN Online Documentary Series Workshop is for Nordic directors & producers with a documentary project that has the potential to be developed as a series. The workshop will focus on a case story analysis as well as discussion and analysis of the participating projects. The deadline for submitting projects is 20 April 2017.

The EDN Documentary Series Workshop is a 1½-day workshop.

On the first day, producer Sigrid Dyekjær (Danish Documentary) and sales agent Salma Abdalla (Autlook Film Sales) will share their experiences with the documentary series Bugs and other doc series. The participants will present their doc series projects and get a short feedback from Sigrid and Salma.
On the second day, director Andreas Johnsen will share his experiences from the director’s perspective. Finally, the participating projects will be analyzed by Sigrid Dyekjær, with a focus on production and financing strategies.

How to participate
A maximum of 4 Nordic projects will be selected for the workshop. The deadline for submitting your project for The EDN Online Documentary Series Workshop is 20 April 2017.
You submit your project by sending a written 2-page presentation of your project accompanied by visual material.

The 2-page presentation
Your written 2-page presentation should include the following elements:
• Project info: project title, status of the project, expected time of delivery, length & format for one-off and series
• The film / series: depending on the nature of the project this can include the story, characters, visual approach, director’s note, etc.
• A brief explanatory statement why you think the project qualifies as a series
• Contacts: name of producer, production company, director, editor and contact information
• Profiles: short CV & filmography of company, director and editor
• Financing: budget sum (total sum for the production, not the whole budget) and brief financing plan.
You can submit your 2-page presentation by email to: submit@edn.network

The visual material
We prefer receiving applications accompanied by visual material already shot for the submitted project or as a previous work. You submit your visual material by including a link to an online streaming facility like Vimeo or YouTube when you email your 2-page presentation.
How the online session works
The written presentations and pilots of the selected projects will be circulated among the tutors and fellow participants before the session.  The involved partners in the session will all have audio and visual contact via the video interface provided in the EDN Video Conference Room.

All you need in order to take part in the online session is:
• a computer with a cable connection to the internet (no WIFI)
• a microphone and camera built in/connected to your computer
• a pair of headphones.

Participating without a project
You will have online access to the full workshop but without a project to be discussed.
To apply as a participant without a project, please send your CV and a short motivation for your participation to submit@edn.network. You can apply up until the start of the workshop, but as seats are limited, early applications are preferred.

Participation Fee
If your project is selected or if you want to participate without a project, the fee for being part of The EDN Documentary Series Workshop is:
• 300 Euro for up to 2 persons (director, producer) connected to a selected project
• 50 Euro for observers

EDN Contact:
Mikael Opstrup
Phone: +45 3313 1122